Vegan Teens

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Veganism is growing in popularity among teens and with good reason. Vegan food has become more available and more popular, with recipes and products like non-dairy milks, innovations in vegan “meats” and a focus on eating more veggies. 

Beyond great taste, teens are also concerned about their future and the environment and are aware of the damaging impact of animal agriculture being a huge factor in environmental destruction, affecting their future; they see how food choices matter. Teens also have a lot of vegan role models sharing how much fun and more compassionate a vegan way of life can be. Teens are also more open to new ways of thinking, so it’s encouraging when they are curious enough to question “norms” and then go even further to change their eating habits for healthier, happier choices.


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You’ll find countless videos, films, and documentaries for teens.
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Fueled by plants, these vegan teen idols are crushing it. Each one of us can accomplish incredible things while standing up for animals.
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Book Recommendations

Compassion is contagious & cool! It takes a confident being to show genuine compassion for another. Non-human animals deserve the same compassion and respect as human animals do. A simple search on Amazon or Barnes & Noble will reveal helpful plant-based tips and recipes on how to do just that.
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