Vegan Educators

Veganism in the Classroom

Humane education promotes compassion and respect for all living beings and the environment. Focusing on animal welfare, exploring the animal topics that students were most engaged with, humane educators also are able to analyze educators’ experiences with school administrators’ reactions to the use of humane education curriculum. Wondering where to start? Check out James Wildman’s 101 Reasons to Go Vegan: Story, Insight, and Perspectives.

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Movie Recommendations

There are countless videos, films, and documentaries supporting healthy plant-based eating. As an educator, you owe it to your students to provide them with all the information they require to make an educated decision. Here are three of our favorites.

Who to Follow

As an educator you have a responsibility to spread awareness. Encouraging your students to make educated lifestyle choices is a great start. When a person is properly informed veganism is a no brainer. Check out these juggernauts of change below, who use education as a power tool. 

Book Recommendations

Humane Education is a necessary curriculum in order to develop future enlightened generations who respect and honor all life. A simple search on Amazon or Barnes & Noble will reveal helpful reading material to share with your students. Some of our favorites are below.

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