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Why Vegan?

Whether you’re thinking about going vegan for your health, the planet, or the animals, LiveVegan has got you covered. Throughout this website you’ll find useful information, shareable downloads, movie and book recommendations, vegan recipes and events, and links to social media influencers to keep you inspired. We are live vegan.

We’ve also compiled a list of our favorite vegan starter guides and vegan support email programs to help answer your questions about the single most important decision of your life: going vegan.

Take your love for animals
one giant step forward

Our relationship with animals begins at birth. Toy animals are the very first objects we handle. Our favorite fairy tales revolve around animal lives. Our family dog gives us unconditional love when our schoolmates or even our siblings may not.

We pride ourselves on being intelligent, rational beings. We have gone to the Moon and back, stored the world’s knowledge on a data card, developed the Internet, unraveled and modified genetic codes, and cured deadly diseases. Yet, most of us are terribly conflicted about our relationship with non-human animals and the natural world.

Vegans are not. We are not afflicted by the troubling cognitive dissonance between our feelings, beliefs, and actions. We practice compassion and respect for all sentient beings. That’s how we relate to animals.


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