Stand Against Justice

According to a Gallup poll, “nonwhite” Americans are eating less meat than white Americans, and there are more than a few reasons this could be the case. One out of every five Black households is situated in what is considered a “food desert”, but communities are fighting back by creating their own food networks. Communities impacted by animal agriculture, including negative affects on their environment and health, are predominantly Black, Latinx, and Indigenous. People of Color are decolonizing their food and reconnecting with their roots, through veganism. Check out the resources below for more information!

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Knowledge of a healthier lifestyle is everyone’s right. Veganism is a common platform we share in solidarity for the animals, ourselves, & the planet. Here are just a few of the films that honor our movement’s spectrum of social awareness.  

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Role models are vital to a successful social movement, and we have many.
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Casa Vegana

Indigenous Peoples have a rich history of plant-based foods.
Read THE FARM BUZZ article about how one Indigenous woman is decolonizing her food through veganism

Veganism isn’t new for Africans — it’s a return to our roots, say these chefs and entrepreneurs. READ MORE from PROVEG INTERNATIONAL.

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