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To be strong like a bull, eat what a bull eats. From Olympic cyclists to powerlifters to tennis pros, the old myth that you can’t get enough protein without eating meat has been knocked out of the ring (perhaps by vegan MMA fighter Nate Diaz). Scroll down to check out these awesome resources to learn how to cut your recovery time and build real muscle. 

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Get started at and explore vegan athletes videos across many categories. This unique search tool will help refine your research and get you what you need.


We've compiled a list of our favorite books and to help you go vegan and see vegan gains. There are plant-powered athletes in every sport and you can be next. Scroll for more!

Movie Recommendations

You’ll find countless videos, films, and documentaries supporting plant-based eating for athletes. The old myth that “you can’t get protein from plants” has been proven wrong countless times. Protein comes from plants. Have you ever seen a cow eat a steak?

Who to Follow

When you go vegan it’s great knowing there are others who have forged the path ahead of you. Vegan athletes can be found across all social media channels (and there are a few below that we recommend). Plus, here’s a list from Feedspot you’re going to love.

Book Recommendations

A simple search on Amazon or Barnes & Noble will reveal 100s of best-selling titles dedicated to vegan athletes and plant-based eating programs supporting your fitness regiment. Whether you’re training for a triathlon or yearning for yoga, someone has written about it. Below are three of our favorite titles.

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