Vegan Advocates & Activists

Anyone Can Get Involved

There are all kinds of people involved in the vegan movement. From the people on the frontlines at demonstrations and rallies, to stay-at-home parents advocating for plant-based options in their kids’ schools, to the people that design web pages and posters, plan events, make and share plant-based foods… the vegan movement has a place for everyone.

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Visit the LiveVegan download page for vegan starter guides, white papers, PDFs, graphics and more. We've rallied everything you'll need in one easy webpage.


Get started at and explore vegan activist videos across many categories. This unique search tool will help refine your research and get you what you need.


We've compiled a list of our favorite books to help you go vegan for the animals and the planet. There are plant-powered activists in every country and you can be next. Scroll for more!

Movie Recommendations

There are an unlimited number of animal rights documentaries and vegan films. From major theatre releases to YouTube channels worth following, there is something for everyone. Need something light for tonight’s movie night? Wanna learn how to flex your activist muscles with a gritty doc?
Here are just a few of our recommended flicks. 

Who to Follow

Today we have thousands of powerful activist role models; those who have cleared the path for us to follow. stay inspired and stand up for animals. We challenge you to keep up with these vegan trailblazers. Here are just a few.

Book Recommendations

Inspiration, motivation, and a commitment to the animals are the keys to successful activism. A simple search on Amazon or Barnes & Noble will populate some of the best-selling titles dedicated to animal rights activism, veganism, and plant-based eating.

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