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Why Spreading the Word is So Important.          

With the huge amount of good one person can do for the world by living a plant-based lifestyle, imagine if each of us inspired even one more person to the vegan path.  That newly-inspired person will inspire another person, and that person another, and so on, and so on.  With your help, we can save more animals faster.  

Effective and Sustainable Advocacy.

Do what you love.  To sustain your efforts and to be most effective, find the kind of advocacy that fills your soul.  Maybe you’re an artist, a musician (write a song!), a baker (make vegan cupcakes!), an accountant, a chemist (how about creating the latest and greatest vegan cheese!), a psychologist or a sociologist (find out what makes people choose compassion over killing), a teacher, a gardener, a web designer, a writer – wherever your talents lie and whatever fills your heart, the movement needs YOU! 

Examples of Positive Outreach.

We suggest focusing on positive outreach -- help, teach, build.  Positive outreach invites people into the community by exploring the good they can do, rather than scolding them for the wrong (they know) they are doing. Build the positive, rather than tearing down or dividing.

+ Leaflet

veganoutreachStaff an information booth/table or hand leaflets to passersby about the power of making plant-based choices.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.
1. Order booklets
2. Hand out booklets
3. Report

You may order materials from VeganOutreach.org or from us at FARMUSA.org.

+ Food Outreach

help FARMMothersDay11b-smallSampling food is a positive and fun way to introduce people plant-based choices.  Hand out vegan ice cream with fliers about why to go dairy-free; offer sample of veggie meats, dairy-free milks, pizza with dairy-free cheese – pick a favorite and spread the word that great food can be compassionate.  Nobody will argue against your message when their mouth is full of yummy food!  See VegFund.org for help with financing food outreach and http://vegfund.org/food-sampling-intro.html for specific food sampling tips.

+ Expand Vegan Options in Restaurants

Make plant-based foods more available in your community.  Compile a list of available foods, review local restaurants, and more.  Talk to restaurant managers to help them expand their menus.  Get a vegan burger on the menu or dairy-free ice cream for dessert, vegan cheese in your local pizzeria – you get the idea.  Start with your favorite restaurants with great food – for vegan menu items to be successful, they have to taste fantastic. 

+ Expand Vegan Options in Grocery Stores

Ask your local grocery store manager to carry your favorite vegan products.  The more readily available plant-based options are, the more people can and will buy them – and the more others will see them!

+ Expand Vegan Options on Campus

Positive outreach can be especially effective on campus:
  • Literature outreach: Table and leaflet about the power of making Vegan choices
  • Food outreach: Hand out great-tasting vegan food samples (always a hit!). VegFund.org will PAY FOR your Vegan food outreach/event!
  • Food availability. Work with a dorm, the student union, and stadium to expand the availability of Vegan food on campus. Then get the word out so the food is successful!
  • Community building: Help build community for support, networking, and fun! Start a club, organize on Facebook, etc.
  • Resource/information sharing: Print or put on your local club website vegan literature, links, academic articles, and other resources for study and support.
  • Speaking: Host events and/or be available to attend classes, workshops, discussions, and events to help explain the benefits of making Veganchoices. Your list of willing and available speakers can be vegan professors, students, and staff (available within different areas of expertise).

Other fun ideas to spread the word on campus:
  • Dress up like superheroes and “fly” around campus handing out cookies/candy on Halloween with handbills announcing the NEW Vegan Justice League.
  • Hand out free vegan iice cream.
  • Have a free vegan BBQ (with Vegan burgers and brats).
  • Have meetings to talk about ways to become better outreachers (how to answer questions, how to stay positive, how to be effective, etc.).
  • Veganize a cafeteria.
  • Pay-Per-View -- pay people $1 to watch a 4-minute video exposing the truth about animal agriculture.
  • Chalk cool messages on campus sidewalks (check to make sure that's OK).
  • Invite a specific Social Justice group (like the Environmental club) to a vegan meetup potluck.
  • Get the to Local Vegan Meetup come to campus and invite students to attend.
  • Invite dynamic speakers to campus.

+ Share Information

Gather and organize resources like outreach ideas and tips, lists of local vegan eating shopping options, web links, etc.  Then make them available however that most makes sense in your community (internet, intranets, printed booklets, etc.).  And of course send folks to LiveVegan.org

+ Build Community

Help build your local vegan and vegan-curious community for support, networking, and fun! See our helpful resources and links for ideas for connecting both online and locally.

+ Public Speaking

Host events to share what you know (or others know) about living vegan.  Consider showing short positive video like “A Life Connected” www.VeganVideo.org followed by great food and a Q&A or conversation with the crowd.  Attend classes, workshops, discussions, and events to help explain the benefits of making vegan choices.  Speak up, even if your voice shakes.  You may be surprised at how many seeds of compassion you’ll plant just by speaking up and living by example.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

– R. Buckminster Fuller

Opportunities to Spread the Word with FARM

LiveVegan.org. Share the link widely.  List it in your email signatures, on flyers, posters, etc.  Directing people to LiveVegan.org can start them on a life-changing and life-saving course.  Ask others to take the Vegan Pledge (coming soon!) and to sign up for our LiveVegan e-Course (coming soon!)

Compassionate Activist NetworkJoin our Compassionate Activist Network (CAN) by coordinating outreach activities in your community. We have several opportunities throughout the year, flexible timelines, and materials at little-to-no cost.

Pay-Per-View Pay-Per-View is an innovative new outreach strategy where activists set up in busy public locations and offer people $1.00 to watch a 4-minute video about the horrible treatment of animals on farms. After learning the shocking truth, viewers are encouraged to decrease consumption of animal products and work toward a vegan diet.

Leafleting. FARM offers a variety of handouts for year-round leafleting opportunities on the Compassionate Activist Network. 

FARM Campaigns

Annual Campaigns:
Great American Meatout (March 20)
Earth Day (April 22)
Animal Rights National Conference (Summer)
World Farm Animals Day (October 2)
Compassionate Holidays (Autumn-Winter Holiday Season)

Year-Round Campaigns:
Free Activist Handouts
Free Veg Starter Kits
Meatout Mondays Recipe e-Newsletter
Letters From FARM

Go to individual campaign pages to register or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  anytime for materials.

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