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"Vegan Alert," NBA Player Damian Lillard Announces his Veganism on Instagram

on Thursday, 21 September 2017. Posted in Inspiration, Books & Media

It seems as though veganism is truly taking hold in the world of professional athletes. What's even more exciting is when they use their high-profile public platforms to share their veggie journeys. Welcome, another professional basketball player to the growing vegan mix, a one mister Damian Lillard! In a short video clip posted to his Instagram account earlier this month, Lillard proclaims, "I've changed; getting my life together," after announcing that all the food the viewer is seeing is in fact vegan. Point guard for the Portland Trail Blazers, Lillard spent the offseason nursing a leg injury and has turned to healthy vegan eating as a means to aid his body in a speedy recovery. So cool, Damian! Keep it up!

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88-Year-Old Vegan Man Breaks World Record at Mount Kilimanjaro

on Thursday, 03 August 2017.

88-Year-Old Vegan Man Breaks World Record at Mount Kilimanjaro

Encouraged and accompanied by his granddaughter, Fred Distelhorst has likely set a new world record as the oldest person ever to hike Mount Kilimanjaro—one of the highest peaks in the world. In an interview with a Denver news station, Fred shared that he believes his vegan diet is why he is in good physical shape and was deemed healthy enough by his doctor, to go on this mission. "I think I'm in pretty good shape even though I'm a little old guy," said Distelhorst. Fred's granddaughter, Ellen invited him to join the climb in an effort to fundraise financial support for orphanages and children in Kenya who suffer with AIDS. So inspiring, Fred! Thank you for sharing your journey with the world! ::smiles::

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Vegan Athlete to Cycle Across Europe for Animal Rights & Plant-Based Living

on Thursday, 08 June 2017. Posted in Inspiration

Vegan Athlete to Cycle Across Europe for Animal Rights & Plant-Based Living

Professional bicyclist and vegan athlete, Jackson Long will take on a cross-European bike tour in an effort to raise funds for animal rights groups and showcase the strength and stamina of athletes who choose to exclude animal products from their lives. "We live in such a disconnected world...and I deeply desire a society more educated on the ethology of farmed animals and beyond so that we can gain a higher level of compassion and respect for all beings," said Long. Jackson will be sharing his voyage milestones through his social media pages while promoting healthy vegan living to those he meets along the way.

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Andy Lally: Vegan Racecar Driver Champion

on Thursday, 02 February 2017. Posted in Inspiration

Andy Lally: Vegan Racecar Driver Champion

Professional racecar driver Andy Lally was recently interviewed by Gentlemen's Quarterly (GQ) magazine wherein he shared his vegan journey and how he believes it helps with his overall strength. Lally was NASCAR's Rookie of the Year, has won five 24-hour Daytona races, and is a three-time Grand Am champion. "I respect all life and if I have the option to stay just as healthy and just as strong, if not stronger, by not torturing or enslaving or causing pain for other living things, then I'm all for it," Lally said. He also noted that he had been vegetarian for six years before becoming vegan in 2010 for ethical reasons. We love how people with "big" voices are speaking positively about their vegan ways!

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Professional Athlete Runs On Plants

on Thursday, 05 January 2017. Posted in Inspiration

Professional Athlete Runs On Plants

During a feature on MTV Fit Session professional athlete Morgan Mitchell, a 400 meter track runner, said that she "became vegan for [her] health, obviously [because of] the animal agriculture—that was quite horrible, I watched a few documentaries and it just changed the way I saw the world." She continued, "I guess it just came down to the fact that I didn't want to my career before anyone's life." The 22 year old hails from Australia and competed in the 2016 Olympic Games, coming in 8th place in the 400 meter relay. We first "met" Mitchell about five months ago she was preparing for the Olympics. It is so cool to know she is steadfast and physically strong in her plant-based endeavors. We love it, Morgan! Thank you for sharing your journey. 

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New Deadlift Champion Sets Record in Iceland - And She's Vegan!

on Thursday, 17 November 2016. Posted in Inspiration

New Deadlift Champion Sets Record in Iceland - And She's Vegan!

With a record-setting deadline of 452 pounds, Iceland native Hulda B. Waage says it was her vegan diet that helped her pull out the win. "You can be strong without eating meat and animal byproducts," she said. "I've reached the age when the body produces more swelling. I believe my diet helps with this, and I recover more quickly after practices." Hulda has her sights set on the 2023 World Weightlifting Championships. Awesome, Hulda! Way to represent vegan athletes in a most wonderful way. And thank you for all you do to help inspire and forward a cruelty-free world. 

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Life Transforming 220 lb Weight Loss via a Plant-Based Lifestyle

on Thursday, 20 October 2016. Posted in Inspiration

Life Transforming 220 lb Weight Loss via a Plant-Based Lifestyle

At the age of just 32, Louisiana native Josh Lajaunie weighed in at just over 400 pounds. Initially fearing for his health Josh began going to a gym, which led him to a 10k race, and then to a book called Born to Run. "...I had [previously] dismissed the vegan diet as nothing more than an extreme thing that one did as a political statement. I had never thought of it as an asset to an extreme athlete before." Josh continued his search and eventually learned about vegan ultra-endurance athletes like Rich Roll and Scott Jurek; and soon the Forks Over Knives documentary as well. "I have lost 220 pounds overall...[and have helped six family members make healthy changes—losing a combined 1,000 pounds]...All of this has led me to the undeniable conclusion that plants are what humans are supposed to eat, period." Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey, Josh! So awesome!

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10 Yr. Old Vegan Boxing Champ May Have Saved His Father's Life

on Thursday, 08 September 2016. Posted in Inspiration

10 Yr. Old Vegan Boxing Champ May Have Saved His Father's Life

This is not just a story of a compassionate, talented young boxer out of Queens, New York. This is also a tale of a boy inspiring his father to choose a vegan lifestyle! After being inspired by other vegan boxers like Cam Awesome and David Haye, 10 year old Ra-leek Born decided to become vegan. He also happens to be a national champion boxer in his age class! In researching veganism for his son, Ra-leek's father, Ra-tru has since become vegan as well, to help his type 2 diabetes. He said, "I lost 60 pounds and I no longer take any medications. I feel great now. I give all my thanks to my son for pushing me to let him be vegan. I tell him all the time that he may have saved my life!" 

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Ruth Heidrich: From Cancer Patient to Ironman Triathlete

on Thursday, 25 August 2016. Posted in Inspiration

Ruth Heidrich: From Cancer Patient to Ironman Triathlete

After living what she believed was a healthy, active, and fit life, Ruth Heidrich was diagnosed with breast cancer in her forties. "I didn't smoke or drink, and ate what I thought was a healthy diet...[but] several tests I took showed that the cancer had spread to my bones, a lung, and most likely my liver," she said in an interview on She then volunteered for a breast cancer vegan diet research study by Dr. John McDougall. As a result, "some of the cancer was reversing: hot spots on the bone scan faded, bone pain stopped, and the liver enzymes normalized." Ruth has been in remission since she started a plant-based diet and a six-time Ironman Triathlon finisher, with more than 900 medals in races around the world!

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Olympian Credits Veganism with Success

on Thursday, 18 August 2016. Posted in Inspiration

Olympian Credits Veganism with Success

With the Olympic Games in full swing it is exciting to see a number of news stories featuring some of the vegan athletes that are making waves and breaking records this year. One of them being Australian sprinter, Morgan Mitchell. "I have been vegan for a year and a half. That's really helped with everything: energy, health, the environment. I am one of those people who actually cares. It's what I chose to do," said Mitchell in a recent interview with The Sydney Morning Herald. Mitchell joins fellow vegan Olympic athletes like Carl Lewis, legendary Murray Rose, and Alexey Voyevoda.

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Vegan Olympian Weightlifter - 2016 Games

on Thursday, 11 August 2016. Posted in Inspiration

Vegan Olympian Weightlifter - 2016 Games

The United States Olympic weightlifting men will have a single vegan among them at the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games! Back in 2014 Kendrick Yahcob Farris said, "I transitioned to a vegan diet...and I'm happy to report that my life has changed for the better. My whole journey is a lot bigger than myself." Twenty-nine year old Farris is a three-time Olympian and will be joined by fellow vegan Olympian athletes Morgan Mitchell (sprinter) and Marquise Goodwin (long jumper and NFL player). Best of luck to you, Kendrick. We're excited to see more vegans reppin' in the Olympic Games!

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First Vegan to Successfully Summit Mount Everest

on Thursday, 16 June 2016. Posted in Inspiration

First Vegan to Successfully Summit Mount Everest

Around this time last year we highlighted vegan athlete Kuntal Joisher in his effort to summit Mount Everest. Upon that attempt Joisher became trapped in an avalanche and was unable to complete his mission. But he's not one to give up! "Over 300 people have died trying to climb Everest, and all of them were meat-eaters, but something goes wrong with one vegan, and it's the biggest news across the planet," he told VegNews. As of May of this year, the 36-year old became the very first vegan to reach the top, after a 45-day expedition. In an interview with VegNews Joisher said, "I climb as a vegan, and hopefully I will inspire a lot of people to go vegan, and that will probably save a lot of animals." Way to be, Kuntal. Congratulations!

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Vegan Comeback Boxer David "The Hayemaker" Haye

on Thursday, 05 May 2016. Posted in Inspiration

Vegan Comeback Boxer David

Major media outlet, Business Insider recently featured vegan boxer David Haye (also known as "The Hayemaker") in order to highlight his incredible comeback this past winter. "If anyone ever asks you whether vegans get enough protein, show them a picture of David Haye," noted Business Insider. Haye became vegan in 2014 and has been a proponent of plant-based foods ever since. "I did some research to make sure I could still obtain enough protein to fight and, once satisfied that I could, I stopped. I'll never go back," said Haye. Love the coverage, love your work, love it all. Thanks for all you do to help forward veganism, David!

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Vegan Arm Wrestler: Rob Bigwood

on Thursday, 04 February 2016. Posted in Inspiration

Vegan Arm Wrestler: Rob Bigwood

"Some of his opponents say that since going vegan Rob is stronger, his stamina grew, and he became more difficult to pin," notes an interview-style Facebook post by 'Starry N Ight.'

A competitive arm wrestler since 2000, Rob Bigwood has been making a name for himself in the arm wrestling community—not only as the one to beat but also as the guy who eats plants. Rob has said, "I was concerned at first [about not eating meat for strength] but didn't care. I made a conscious and ethical decision to give up meat...It is more important to practice what I believe in than to worry about being a strength athlete. I have never felt better in my entire life and it was one of the smartest decisions I ever made."

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Vegan UK Snooker Champion, Neil Robertson

on Thursday, 14 January 2016. Posted in Inspiration

Vegan UK Snooker Champion, Neil Robertson

A few weeks ago Australian native and professional billiard player Neil Robertson took home the United Kingdom snooker championship wherein he cleared the table with a rare high score of 147—in one continuous 14-minute run. 

Robertson became vegan in early 2015, stating that he wanted to "get the most out of [his] career" and that "It certainly makes [him] feel like a better person for the change and knowing we can get everything we need on a plant-based diet." Keep up the great work, Neil. We're excited to watch your pro career keep growing! 

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Mr. Universe: "Staunch Warrior Vegan"

on Thursday, 27 August 2015. Posted in Inspiration

Mr. Universe:

In 2014 Barny Du Plessis won the title of Mr. Universe. After having been born and raised vegetarian, the 235 pound muscle man decided it was time to ditch the dairy. 

"People say you can't be a top athlete as a vegan. Absolute bullocks," Du Plessis said in a recent interview on Hench Herbivore. He says he's " percent, wholehearted, staunch warrior vegan." 

According to The Discerning Brute, Du Plessis says he's gained more mass, wakes up in the morning with more energy, and experiences faster training recovery time. Incredible. Keep going, Mr. Universe! We love your message and all you do to forward compassion in us all. 

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John Merryfield Paddles 72 Hours Straight For Animals

on Thursday, 13 August 2015. Posted in Inspiration

John Merryfield Paddles 72 Hours Straight For Animals

For seven years in a row—vegan surfer, stand-up paddleboard racer, and activist—John Merryfield has paddle boarded the 72 miles (continuously and in one day!) of Lake Tahoe, to bring light to the animals.

"Paddling alone all night...around Tahoe is difficult, but pales in comparison to what pigs experience in metal crates...for most of their lives," said Merryfield in an interview with Sierra Sun (via

Merryfield is an endurance athlete and has been vegan for more than 30 years. He is the founder of 'Vegan 1 Day,' a website that encourages people to try veganism for just one full day. So awesome, John! Thank you for reminding us that no matter our passions, we can turn them into forms of activism and sharing our concern for the lives of all beings. 

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Vegan Athlete Scott Jurek Crushes Appalachian Trail Record

on Thursday, 23 July 2015. Posted in Inspiration

Vegan Athlete Scott Jurek Crushes Appalachian Trail Record

It took vegan ultramarathoner Scott Jurek, 46 days, 8 hours, and 7 minutes to complete a 2,160-mile trek across one of the most renowned hikes in the world: the Appalachian Trail—crushing the previous record by just over 3 hours. 

In a recent interview with NPR host, Robert Siegal, Jurek says, "...challenging myself with this kind of endeavor, it brings the best out in me because even at the darkest...moments when I feel I can't go on...somehow I find that strength inside of me."

Jurek certainly squashes any skepticism around high-performance athletes living healthfully on a fully plant-based diet. For more on this check out Jurek's book, Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness

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Tiarah Blanco: Pro Vegan Athlete, age 18

on Thursday, 16 April 2015. Posted in Inspiration

Tiarah Blanco: Pro Vegan Athlete, age 18

Born in Puerto Rico, raised in Southern California, and currently living in Hawaii, Tiarah "Tia" Blanco is a proud vegan athlete. 

After reading The China Study, Tiarah transitioned from vegetarian to vegan. She said, "I just feel a difference in my recovery levels, my energy levels, and I feel like a better person—I feel I'm living a healthy and happier lifestyle. And I think it has really impacted my surfing and my performance."

Tia began surfing at the age of 3, thanks to the guidance of her father. Today, the 18 year old is a member of the USA Surf Team; last year taking third place at the International Surfing Association's World Junior Surfing Championship. You go, T!!

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Cruelty-Free Vegan Running Shoes by ASICS

on Thursday, 29 January 2015. Posted in Products, Inspiration

Cruelty-Free Vegan Running Shoes by ASICS

We're so jazzed to hear the news that ASICS—a super popular athletic shoe company—has launched a brand new, completely-vegan running shoe called The Gel-Lyte V.

Currently available online and in stores throughout the United States, this cruelty-free shoe is made up of eco-friendly mesh and rubber, and faux suede and leather features.

ASICS isn't the only well-known shoe company to offer vegan footwear. For more athletic vegan footwear options, check out Saucony, Brooks, and New Balance, among others.

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