Vegan Waffle & Pancake Batter

on Tuesday, 21 March 2017. Posted in Products

Vegan Waffle & Pancake Batter

The powerhouse sister duo behind Spork Foods joined forces with the incredible folks at Follow Your Heart (the creators of popular vegan products like Vegenaise and Vegan Ranch Dressing) to bring to the world a ready-to-pour, vegan, gluten-free pancake and waffle batter called Rocket Cakes. Winning a 'Best in Show' nod from VegNews Magazine, at this years Natural Products Expo West event, this super awesome squeezable is free of eggs, dairy, soy, and nuts. It is also non-GMO and organic! Follow Your Heart released a few other new products at the Expo, including a liquid form of their VeganEgg and several new non-dairy yogurt flavors.

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