Vegan Football (Soccer) Club in The UK

on Thursday, 09 February 2017. Posted in Inspiration

Vegan Football (Soccer) Club in The UK

Did you know that the England-based Forest Green Rovers Football Club (that we might also know as "soccer")—a professional football club of the National League—is 100 percent vegan? Yep, and it is because of the club chairman, mister Dale Vince. "Thanks to Vince, the club has been fully vegan since June 2014. That means no meat, fish, dairy, or other animal products of any the club, whether for players, visitors, or fans," notes a feature about Vince on the UK's Independent. A vegan and long time eco advocate, Vince explained his passion for providing healthy food to the football players. Surprisingly, or maybe not, the gradual transition has gone quite smoothly. Very cool, Vince! 

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