New Vegan Coffee Creamers by Coffee-Mate

on Tuesday, 31 January 2017. Posted in Products

New Vegan Coffee Creamers by Coffee-Mate

For Coffee-Mate inclined coffee drinkers we have great news for you! Coffee-Mate has released a brand new live of fully-vegan coffee creamers. w00t! With flavors that include vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel (all three almond milk based) and sweet créme (coconut milk based) Coffee-Mate is certainly tapping into the steadily rising dairy-free market. World of Vegan founder Michelle Cehn makes a good point in noting that vegan coffee creamers are not a new thing. She says, "Companies such as Silk and So Delicious have been tapping that market for years! But even with all the options that exist today, you still had to discover entirely new brands when you decided to become a more conscious consumer," until now. This is fantastic news and continues to demonstrate that voting with our dollars truly does impact the types of products and services that even large scale companies create. Yay!

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