Near Death Plane Crash Leads Travis Barker to Veganism

on Thursday, 30 March 2017. Posted in Inspiration

Near Death Plane Crash Leads Travis Barker to Veganism

You may recall hearing about a plane crash in the fall of 2008, that some speculate led to the death of DJ AM just a few months later; tied to stress, coping, and meds that were required post crash. Musician Travis Barker was also on that flight and decided after that moment, and with the passing of his friend, he would change his lifestyle in order to take better care of himself. "Right from the first time that I started to really eat vegan I could feel how much it was affecting me. John Salley is one of the guys who I would run into a lot here in Los Angeles, and he always told me how the players who ate that way outperformed the others. I started to see [those] results for myself too." Barker had gone vegetarian at the age of 15 and then vegan about a decade ago. Keep spreading the love, Travis! Thank you!

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