Teen Vegan Network (Teen VGN) - A Veg Resource & Summer Camp

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Teen Vegan Network (Teen VGN) - A Veg Resource & Summer Camp

During a time that can often feel overwhelming and be discouraging regarding the future of our planet and its inhabitants, it is inspiring organizations like Teen Vegan Network (Teen VGN) that help bring a brighter light into focus. Founded in 2013 by Laura Edwards and Kylie Fackrell, this social network "features forums, recipes, product reviews and opportunities for volunteering. It currently has 1,553 active members, and a reach of around 35,000 social media users..." notes an interview with the founders for The Independent. This network is intended to support those who do not quite fit in with their peers—often because of their dietary and/or lifestyle choices—and who are perhaps not ready for the types of activism or groups aimed at adult vegans. In 2015 the group began hosting annual summer camps that bring together compassion kids for campaigns workshops, campfires, crafts, festival days cooking demos, nature walks, special guest speakers, and more. 

Learn more about this group and how to get involved at TeenVGN.com.
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