Suing the USDA for The Animals

on Wednesday, 22 February 2017. Posted in News

Suing the USDA for The Animals

It is unquestionably a unique and unusual time in the United States right now. The removal of animal welfare records from the USDA's public website fits in with one of the many decisions that has us scratching our head lately. In response to this, many groups,including Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), Born Free USA, Beagle Freedom Project,  MSPCA-Angell, PETA, and Harvard Animal Law & Policy Fellow Delcianna Winders have filed a lawsuit against the USDA, to restore the records. Per VegNews, "The lawsuit alleges that the USDA violated the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) which requires federal agencies to make all records released under FOIA electronically available to the public." It could take more than 200 days to get a response.

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