One Woman's Journey from Cancer to Health

on Thursday, 11 January 2018. Posted in Inspiration

Bernadette Bohan calls herself “an ordinary woman whose life was turned upside down by two different types of cancer. The stomach-lurching experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer was terrifying. It was a painful way to learn the value of health and a lesson I was to learn the hard way.” After her second bout with cancer, Bohan made some sweeping changes to her life, including adopting a raw vegan lifestyle. Now, 15 years later and at age 60, Bohan credits her health habits and plant-based lifestyle with her youthful appearance and good health. “Look, there is no magic cure,” says Bohan. “You are going to age. But you can slow down the process by eating good food that nourishes the cells and strengthens the immune system.”

You can read Bernadette’s story at her website

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