Oakland, California Schools Go Plant-Based

on Thursday, 23 February 2017. Posted in Inspiration, News

Oakland, California Schools Go Plant-Based

As the topic of global warming continues to be at the forefront of discussions around the health of our planet, Oakland, California area schools have agreed to do something about it. In partnership with Friends of the Earth (FOE) an environmental group, Oakland Unified School District is taking action by reducing the meat and dairy on the school menus, and focusing more on plant-based options. "FOE says total carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the school lunch program declined by 14 percent...If every school district in the U.S. followed Oakland, the reduced CO2 emissions would be equal to removing 150,000 cars from the roads," notes The DailyCaller. In addition to being better for the planet, the plant-based meals are healthier for the kids as well.  

Check out the full article on DailyCaller.com.

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