Milan's Incredible 225 Pound Weight Loss Journey

on Thursday, 02 March 2017. Posted in Inspiration

Milan's Incredible 225 Pound Weight Loss Journey

The After nearly 20 years of struggling with losing and re-gaining weight, trying various diet and weight loss programs, and attributing his health conditions to genetics, Milan Ross gave it one more go. Through his employer, Whole Foods Market, Milan was granted an opportunity to participate in a plant-based immersion course created by Dr. Scott Stoll's. That experience has since led to a miraculous healthy weight loss, a book deal, and a passion driven by helping others address their health and dietary conditions too. "Looking back I realize all the gadgets, pills, and diets over the years were simply the means for me to feel, even if for the briefest of moments, hope—hope that one day my life and health would improve." Milan is now off all medications and continues to live plant-based.


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