Forbes on Climate Change: Go Vegan

on Wednesday, 01 February 2017. Posted in News

Forbes on Climate Change: Go Vegan

f there is one thing that has come to light in the past week alone—in relation to the current political climate—it is that the government may not prioritize or take seriously the issue of climate change. In a recent article published on, contributor Jeff McMahon states loudly something that we as a whole are coming to learn is true: "voting" with our money andnot supporting the meat and dairy industries is a key and simple action we can take to help the environment. "The share of greenhouse gas emissions from animal agriculture is usually pegged at 14.5 percent to 18 percent, but the Worldwatch Institute found lots of oversights in those calculations that, when properly counted, bring the ag contribution all the way up to 51 percent," per the article. That is more than half! Further, as the article states, refusing to eat meat and dairy "will be the most important action you can take." 

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