Ethical Eggs Are Simply Not Real - The Guardian

on Wednesday, 08 February 2017. Posted in News

Ethical Eggs Are Simply Not Real - The Guardian

In an effort to make continued sales of chicken's eggs sustainable for those profiting from it, the idea of "free-range" and "humane" practices came into play. These labels have been around for some time now but surely we can agree that any industry that involves beak burning and killing off of baby male chicks is far from cruelty-free. An article recently published in The Guardian explores how consumers are being misled in order to make buying eggs easier. "When it comes to eggs labeled "free-range," the hens involved in their production are often tightly confined, routinely have their beaks trimmed without anesthesia, and are kept in conditions that force them to lay 500 eggs annually—whereas they would only lay 20 in the wild," notes coverage of the piece on

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