Denver Chefs Featured on ExtraCrispy

on Thursday, 16 February 2017. Posted in Inspiration

Denver Chefs Featured on ExtraCrispy

It is always warming to see passionate vegans and vegan-friendly folk, who are making real changes in the world—through their unique skills and interests—being featured in popular media. Lifestyle Network's foodie publication ExtraCrispy recently showcased two long-time vegan chefs in Denver, Colorado who head up the delicious noms at popular eatery City O' City. The title of the article: These Chefs Are Making Denver's Carnivores Fall in Love with Vegan Food, is pretty fantastic on its own. But we also love the positive light shown on the efforts and persistence of Dave Grant and Nick Anderson, to create plant-based creations by way of memorable childhood meals from their midwestern upbringing and passion for animal welfare.

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