Breyers BRAND NEW Vegan Ice Cream Flavor

on Tuesday, 14 February 2017. Posted in Products

Breyers BRAND NEW Vegan Ice Cream Flavor

The "vegan Internet" absolutely roared with joy and excitement at the end of last week as a rare photo (taken by Alyssa Weiss) of a completely unexpected long-standing iconic brand of ice cream secretly released brand new vegan options. After 150 years in the ice cream industry Breyers has just dipped its toe into the creamy cruelty-free world with its new vegan flavor, Oreo Cookies & Cream! This just on the heels of Ben & Jerry's announcing two new vegan flavors recently (adding to the four vegan options they released last year), including Cherry Garcia and Coconut Seven Layer Bar. Incredible! This continues to demonstrate that "voting" with our dollars really does get the attention of companies that, well - move with the money. And if that means moving away from dairy products and to cruelty-free, more environmentally-friendly, and healthier food options. Well, then gosh darn this is great!

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Photo by Alyssa Weiss

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