Meatout Mondays Archives


Links to back issues of the Meatout Mondays e-newsletter.

January 15 - MLK Pecan Pie, Blacks & CVD Risk, Never Be Silent, and Major Minority Businessmen 
January 8 Split Pea Kale Soup, USDA Comments by Jan 17, Minimalist Vegan, Extraordinary Cancer Survivor
January 1 - Veggie Kebabs, Vegan Mega Trends, Grab & Go Breakfast Pockets, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue
December 25 - Peppermint Hot Choc., Slow Meat Sales, Aldi Vegan Ice Cream, Andy & Bailey Dog Story

December 18
- Garlic Potato Bisque, $4 Billion Cheese Market, Miyoko's Kitchen, LAUSD Vegan School Meals

December 11
- Baked Bread Pudding, 1/2 Billion Fewer Animals Killed, The Simply Vegan Cookbook, Rainn Wilson

December 04
- Breakfast Muffins, Andrew Freeman & Co., VegReady, The Last Pig

November 27
- Bread pudding, Sentience Institute Survey, Christmas Recipes, Dick Sloane

November 20
- G/F Choc. Chip Pumpkin Loaf, Global Demise = Dietary Choices, Vegan Reddi-Wip, Kyrie Irving

November 13
- Pumpkin Granola, UN + Animal Ag, Publix + PlantPure, Rohit Ingle
November 6 - Stuffed Mini Pumpkins, DanonWave, Vegan Comfort Food Cookbook, Cinnaholic in Canada
October 30 - Veggie Wraps, Cause of Diabetes, WFM & World Vegan Day, Anthony Masiello
October 23 - Choc. PB Popcorn Truffles, Danone's Vegan Milks, Dandies Pumpkin 'Mallows, Future is Vegan

October 16
- Sugar Cookies, Meat + Planet's Biodiversity, HoodLamb, Rocky Luedeker

October 9
- Avocado Toast, Online Vegan Sales Tripled, Beyond The Shoreline, Katrina Fox

October 2
- 6-Layer Taco Pie, Walmart Wants Vegan Products,, Wilson Chandler
September 25 - Spicy Buckwheat Noodles, Scotland's Vegan Pledge, Bolthouse Farms, Surf and Turf Sanctuary
September 18 - Spicy Pumpkin Chili, Zwanenberg invests in plants, #FastAgainstSlaughter, Damian Lillard
September 11 - Baked & Stuffed Pears, Milk Does Our Body Bad, Vegan Tattoo Studios, Mike Stura & Babe the Bull

September 4
- Double Berry Corncakes, Demand For Plant-Based Formulations, Mango Sticky Rice, Kate McGoey-Smith
August 28 - Strawberry Chia Pudding Parfait, Murray Goulburn, Tofurky Ham Roast, Evan LeFevre

August 21
- Avo Black Bean Salad, 1 Million Eggs Recalled, #FastAgainstSlaighter, More Vegan Celebs
August 14 - Quinoa & Sweet Potato Chili, Jackson MS Vegan Club, Kite Hill Yogurts, NFL Vegan Players

August 7
- Oil-Free Veggies & Tofu, Tyson Foods & The Gulf of Mexico, So Delicious Yogurt, Broken Shovels Sanctuary

July 31
- Vegan Chick'n & Pesto Pizza, Humane Milk Myth UK, Vegan Camping, Fred Distelhorst

July 17
- Chickpea Breakfast Sandwich, Vegans' CO2 Footprint, Vegan Corn Dogs, Vogue Paris on Faux Fur

July 10
- Farmers' Market Soup, Harmful Meat Consumption, Veggie Hunter, Meat Farmers Turned Vegan

July 3
- Lemon-Thyme Triple Berry Crisp, NZ Goes Veg, "I Can't Believe It's [Vegan]," Mickey Hornick

June 26
- Ancient Grains Salad, Hospital Food, Pizza Hut Cheese, Little Harvest Meal Delivery

June 19
- Jam-Filled Puff Pastry Pockets, Non-Dairy Global Takeover, Superfresh Cookbook, Thomas Skylar

June 12
- Chick'n Tortilla Soup, Global Meat Consumption, The Skeptical Vegan, PlantBuilt Vegan Bodybuilders

June 5 -
One Pot Spaghetti & Meatballs, Impossible Burger Saves Resources, Have We Been Lied To, Jackson Long

May 29
- BBQ Cauliflower Tacos, Dump on Dairy, Beyond Burger+Safeway, The Game Changers James Cameron

May 22
- G/F Dijon Miso Brussels Sprouts, $4 Billion Industry, Ripple Kids Milks, Forest Green Rovers

May 15
- G/F Fiddlehead Pasta, DFA Animal Abuse, LAUSD Vegan School Lunch Program, Allan Kalmus

May 8
- Stone Fruit Crumble, EPA on Westward Seafoods, Vegan Outreach Mentorship, Alex Hershaft

May 1
- Acai Smoothie Bowl, Packaged Facts Report, Demand Dairy-Free, CSU Student Austin Joseph

April 24
- Baked Ratatouille, Rising Dairy-Free Milk Sales, NYC Vegan Cookbook, BALANCED launch day

April 17
- Go-To Vegan Chili, Cultured Lab-Grown Meat, Talenti Vegan Gelato, Teen Vegan Network

April 10
- Split Pea Soup, Forks Over Knives Meal Kits, Marine Biologist Lauren MacDonnell, Vegan Pro Wrestlers
April 3 - Loaded Nacho Fries, Cream Filled Easter VEGGs, Reduced Carbon Footprint, Vegan Lifestyle TV Show

March 27
- Brussels Sprouts Salad, Vegan Peeps, Meat Industry Scandal, Travis Barker Veganism

March 20
- Chik'n Noodle Soup, Vegan Waffle & Pancake Batter, Evolve to Eat Meat?, Reversing Arthritis

March 13
- Creamy Avo Tater Soup, Meatout 2017, False Claims of Milk, José Andrés

February 27
- Roasted Spaghetti Squash, AR Conference, Meat Ban in Germany, Milan Ross

February 20
- Maitake Crostini, Starbucks Oats, Suing USDA for Animals, Oakland Schools Go Plant-Based

February 13
- G/F Sweet Tater Hash, Breyers Vegan Ice Cream, Beef & Millennials, Denver Chefs ExtraCrispy

February 6
- Cacao Bliss Bowl, Primal Strips, Unethical Eggs, Forest Green Rovers Football Club

January 30
- Tempeh Reuben, Coffee-Mate Creamers, Forbes on Climate Change, Andy Lally

January 23
- Lemony White Bean Soup, We're Hiring, Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs, "Veganism Saved My Life"

January 16
- Quinoa Tater Tots, Veg Speed Date, Ringling Bros. Closes, El Palote Restaurant

January 9
- Charcuterie Board, Match Meats, 2017 Condé Nast Food Trends, Shama Sukal-Lee & Sunfed

January 2
- Winter Squash Patties, Mori-Nu Tofu, Chicken Viruses & Human Cancer, Morgan Mitchell

December 26
- Old Fashioned Cinnamon Rolls, Nature's Path, Meat Sales in UK, Ft. Worth TX & Tofurky

December 19
- Cauliflower Steak & Veggies, 100 Holiday Recipes, Meat & MS, Vegan Food & Supplies Drive

December 12
- Jackie's Vegan Chili, Parma! Parmesan, Lung Cancer & Slaughterhouse Workers, The Big Fat Truth

December 05
- Mushroom Pate, Vegan Holiday Gift Guide, Prostate Cancer Treatment, Ruby Jean Wilson

November 28
- Miso Brussels Sprouts, 10 Billion Lives Hiring, British Chicken E. Coli, Robert Kluttz

November 21
- Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread, 65 Thanksgiving Recipes, Vegan Products Growth, Melissa Dodd-Ruesing

November 14
- Shepard's Pie Acorn Squash, Celebration Roast, Animal Rights & The Election, Hulda B. Waage 

November 7
- Pumpkin Oat Muffins, JJ's Sweet Cocomels, UK Vegan Food Sales Grow, Morrissey Live Animal Export

October 31
- Spicy Pumpkin Soup, The Vegan Air Fryer, Australia's Vegan Milk Boom, World's Happiest Man 

October 24
- Cajun Rice Bell Peppers, Superfun Times, Harvard Condemns Animal Protein, Celebrating 40 Yrs. 

October 17
- Miso-Tahini Waffles, Vegan Halloween Candy, Oversupply of Milk,  Josh Lajaunie Weight Loss

October 10
- Pumpkin Seed Panzanella, Beyond Bowls, Vegan Meat Save World, Dame Patsy Ready

October 3
- Vegan Bacon Jalapeno Poppers, Activist Tees, Climate Change, Mary Robinson

September 26 -
Golden Milk, Kikkoman Pearl Soymilk, $13.7 Billion Plant-Based Industry, John Teeters MD

September 19
- Tomato Tartines Pesto, #FastAgainstSlaughter, Fish Farm Fraud, Mark Lanigan 

September 12
- Easy Biscuits, Rebel Kitchen, "Dairy Heard Retirement" Scandal, Kelly Binkoski
September 5 - Blueberry Cookie Dough Smoothie, S'mores Girl Scout Cookies, Tyson Foods, Ra-leek Born

August 29
- Kale & Brown Rice Salad, Treeline Expansion, Dairy-Alternatives Rise, Vegan Weddings VegNews

August 22
- Buffalo Cauliflower Grinders, "Frugal Vegan Gourmet," Dr. Greger & Heart Disease Risk, Ruth Heidrich

August 15
- Mango Lemonade Parfait, Peet's Coffee Vegan Whip, Taiwan Animal Protection, Morgan Mitchell

August 8
- Sweet & Salty Vegan Burger, The Vegan Way Book, Reduce Mortality Rates, Kendrick Yahcob Farris

August 1
- Gluten-Free Warm Millet Salad, Miyoko's VeganButter, Protection from Ag Gag, April Ross 

July 25
- Strawberry Phyllo Strudels, Vegan Bowl Attack!, Vegan City Turin, Italy, 30 Under 30 Vegan Chef

July 18
- Mexican Street Corn, Nitrogen Cold Brew Califia Farms, Vegan Meats in Tech, Burrito Project LA

July 11
- Roasted Carrots, I Heart Keenwah, No Live Animal Surgical Practice, Patrik Baboumian

July 4
- Choco PB Protein Bars, Yard House Vegan Burger, Germany to Legalize Food Labels, Sect

June 27
- Twice-Baked Sweet Taters, Purple Carrot, Heart Health Dr. Greger, Greg Skrepenak Football

June 20
- Jackfruit Nachos, Fabanaise, Reduced Risk of Diabetes, Teen Activist Lila Copeland

June 13
- Cauliflower Tacos, Vegan Bouillon Cubes, Kids of Vegan Households, Mount Everest Summit

June 6
- GF Coco Muffins, Trader Joe's Marshmallows, China: "Eat Less Meat", V Girls YouTube Hong Kong

May 30
- Vegan Cheddar Bacon Dip, The Veg Effect, Tyson Foods Torture, Forbes Feat.s Vegan Startup Lighter

May 23
- Black Bean Burgers, Raw.Vegan.Not Gross., More Vegans in Britain, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

May 16
- Chickpea Salad Sandwiches, Black Vegans Rock, Eating Steak vs. Driving Cars, Mumbai Wedding

May 9
- One-Pot Creamy Mushroom Pasta, Vegan Beer Fests, Rochester River School, Vegan-Friendly Philly

May 2
- Shredded Kale & Brussels Salad, YEA Camp, Meat & Stomach Cancer, Vegan Boxer David Haye

April 25
- Red Curry Rice Noodle Soup, Easy Vegan Travel, Veganism to Save Planet, Lobster Rescue & Release

April 18
- Kimchi Coco-Bacon Sandwich, CoYo Vegan Yogurt, New Zealand Animal Sentience, Milan Vegan Kindergarten

April 11
- Hash Brown Waffles, Dairy-Free Salad Dressing, Plant-Based Tech Companies, Jon Stewart Saves Bull

April 4
- GF Loaded Burrito Bowl, Global VegFests List, GPUS Animal Rights Committee, Vegan Bodybuilding Couple

March 28
- Artichoke Olive Tapenade, Scramble Pockets, Save 8 Millions Lives & $1 Trillion, Chloe Coscarelli

March 21
- Easy Baked Pears, Food Love Cookbook, Ag-gag Laws Hurt Farmers, Vegan Easter Candies

March 14
- Creamy Avocado Pesto Pasta, 10 Billion Lives Tour, Meatout 2016, Nate Diaz UFC

March 7
- DIY Simple Vegan Cheese, Meatout 2016, Vegan Farm in Philly, Anika's Vegan Song

February 29
- Golden Beet Salad, Shop Vegan at Target, Red Meat & Heart Failure, Phillip Henderson

February 22
- PB Cheesecake, Protein Ninja, Water Pollution, Waka Flocka Flame & Raury Vegan Muffins

February 15
- Oven-Baked Pizza Dip, Kindred Spirits, 15 New Vegan Restaurants in NYC, Push-Ups World Record

February 8
- 4 Ingred. Strawberry Ice Cream, Ben & Jerry's Vegan, $5.2 Billion in Vegan Meats, Vegan Philly

February 1
- Peanut Sauce Spaghetti, Pearl Soymilk, NC Surry Country Pollution, Rob Bigwood

January 25
- Hawaiian BBQ Jackfruit Pizza, Vegan Butcher Shop, Non-Dairy Milk Consumption, Jake Singer

January 18 - 6-Ingred. Gluten-Free Pancakes, The Taco Cleanse, Plants & Prostate Cancer, Danny Trejo

January 11
- Spicy Chickpea & Rice Soup, Cool Cups, Veganism Top 10 Trend of 2016, Neil Robertson

January 4
- Almond Chia Oat Pudding, Vixen Kitchen, Grass-Fed Beef Cows On Environment, Chris. D. Mills


December 28
- Orange Glazed Quinoa Salad, Alpendough, The Guardian on Ditching Meat, Joshua Knox

December 21
- Pecan Pie Bars, Vegan Holiday Drinks, Students Boycott Unhealthy Lunches, "The Last Time I Had Bacon"

December 14
- Crispy Tofu Noodle Bowl, Bake A Difference, Vegan Awareness Year, Veganism Upward Trend in College

December 7
- Split Pea Soup, Essential Vegan Travel Guide, Travelodge's Vegan Menu, Sanctuary Soledad Goats

November 30
- G/F Pumpkin Spice Muffins, Cook the Pantry, Don Thompson, Melissa McCarthy Seven7

November 23
- Bread & Sausage Stuffing, Compassionate Holidays, Meat & Diabetes, Millennials Go Meatless

November 16
- Romanesco Cauliflower, Vegan Bowls Cookbook, The Washington Post Vegan Kids, Christie Brinkley

November 9
- Vegan Shepherd's Pie, Guinness + Fish Bladders, GQ "Best Burger" is Vegan, Pro Soccer Team Goes Vegan

November 2
- Teriyaki Shiitake Bowl, Veggie Grill, The Future of Protein, Seattle Landlord Offers Discount to Veg Folk

October 26
- Roasted Butternut Squash & Apple Soup, Vegan Halloween Candies, Cheese Addictive, Matt Watson Pro Soccer

October 19
- Spicy Sweet Potato Fries, Brave GentleMen, New Zealand Milk Sales Suffer, Stevie Wonder Sings About Vegans

October 12
- Wilted Spinach Salad, The VeganEgg, No Correlation Between Milk & Calcium Intake, 101 Yr. Old Vegan

October 5
- Creamy Pesto Fettuccine, Tofutti Ricotta, NY Times Talks Vegan Revolution, Brown Univ. Frat Goes Veg

September 28
- Mexican Wheat Berry Salad, Beanfields Chips, Milk + Breast Cancer, Fast Against Slaughter

September 21
- Polenta Pizza Bites, Vegan-Ease, 7 Eleven Goes Vegan, Cow-Free Milk Wins Sustainability Award

September 14
- Simple Strawberry Ice Cream, World Day For Farmed Animals, AR at Film Fest, Leo & Netflix

September 7
- Southern Fried Fritters, No Meat Athlete Article, Egg Industry Targets Vegan Co., Mama T's Chili

August 31
- Apple Lentil 'slaw Salad, Game Changing Coconut Oil, Fecal Matter in Beef, BuzzFeed's Bodybuilders

August 24
- Twice Baked Potato, Noka Organics, Men's Fertility & Meat Consumption, Mr. Universe is Vegan

August 17
- Tofu Scramble, More Than Salad, Dr. Ron Weiss, Art + Animal Rights Activism

August 10
- Cucumber Salad, Miyoko's Kitchen, Barnard Medical Center, John Merryfield and Lake Tahoe

August 3
- Watermelon Slushies, Dave's Killer Bread, Nepal Bans Ritual Slaughter, NFL's Vegan David Carter

July 27
- Summer Pasta Salad, Annie's Vegan Snacks, USDA & Tenderized Meat, Chloe Coscarelli Restaurant

July 20
- Easy Ramen Noodle Bowl, Match Meats Crab Cakes, Asthma Dr. Greger, Scott Jurek Record Breaker

July 13
- PB Choc. Chunk Banana Bread, Health Warrior, Animal Ag = Biggest Pollutant, Bubbly Petz

July 6
- Korean BBQ Zoodle Stir-Fry, Amy's Drive-Thru, Kids Who Garden, 10 Yr. Old Presents on Veganism

June 29 
-  4th of July Watermelon "Cake," Dandies Marshmallows, People Are Eating Less Meat, Joisher Kuntal

June 22
- Chickpea Breakfast Burritos, Upton's Naturals Jackfruit, Egg Alternatives, 10 Vegan Men

June 15
- Tomato Basil Salad w/Tofu, Restore-Our-Diet Book, Israel Closes Slaughterhouse, 76 Yr Old Vegan

June 8
- Cookie Sandwiches, AR Conference, FDA + Arsenic Fed to Chickens, Millie Fraser 

June 1
- Thai Mac 'n' Cheeze, Daiya Cheezecakes, Americans Concerned w/Animal Rights, Elizabeth Holmes

May 25
- Creamy GF Pasta w/Kale, Vegvisits, Nutrition Facts w/Dr. Greger, Fearless 8 Year Old Speaks Up

May 18
- Fiesta Burger, Pinkberry's Vegan Flavor, The Trouble with Chicken, They Couldn't Go Vegan, But Did

May 11
- Vegan BLT Spring Rolls, Cruelty-Free Cowboy Boots, Less Meat More Plants, Johnson & Wales Vegan Pop-Up

May 4
- Chocolate Chip Coconut Waffles, Best Vegan Food Trucks, Majority Support Animal Rights, The Collegiate Vegan

April 27
- Strawberry Walnut Kale Salad, Seeking Volunteers, Duped by the Milk Industry, Will Travel for Vegan Food

April 20
- Black Bean Breakfast Tacos, Meatout Mondays Survey, California's Drought, Daniel Katz

April 13
- Maple Chipotle Grinders, Demand Dairy Free Ben & Jerry's, Gene Baur on The Daily Show, Tiarah Blanco

April 6
- Spicy Peanut Soba Noodles, Endangered Species Nutella, New Dietary Guidelines, Delaney Johnson Teen

March 30
- Cauliflower Steak, Sjaak's Easter Candy, Veganism Trending Mainstream, Age-Defying Vitality

March 23
- No-Churn Ice Cream, Vegan Peeps, Geico Field Test: Vegan Living = Better Employees, Vegan Cuts

March 16
- Gluten-Free Spinach Tortillas, March 20th Meatout, India's Beef Ban, FullyRaw Kristina

March 9
- Jalapeño Cornbread,, USDA Whistleblowers on Slaughterhouses, Alex Payne's Social Impact

March 3
- Easy Vegan Chili, The 30-Day Vegan Challenge, Veganism to Save The World, Rancher to Sanctuary Founder

February 23
- Breaded & Baked Artichoke Hearts, YEA Camp, Childhood Obesity & Veganism, Simone Reyes

February 16
- Buckwheat Pancakes w/Blueberry Compote, Driftwood Mag, Vegan Markets, Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart

February 9
- Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Bobo's Oat Bars, KOMO News on Pollution, Dr. Will Tuttle

February 2
- Broccoli Cheeze Soup, Beanitos, Eating Plants = Weight Loss, IKEA's Vegan Meatballs

January 26
- Sweet Potato Gnocchi, Alternative Baking Company, Meat Industry Exposed, ASICS vegan shoes

January 19
- Thai Stuffed Spaghetti Squash, Free Chipotle Burritos, James Aspey Voiceless365, Lighter Culture Meals

January 12
- Mediterranean Quinoa Salad, The Vegiterranean Diet, Toxic Immune Responses, Vegan Cheese Shop in LA

January 5
 - Tofu Omelette, Plantz Culinary Boot Camp, Animal Rights in Media, VegNews' 2014 Person of The Year

December 29 - Hot Cocoa w/PB Whipped Cream, John Salley's BettaLifeChallenge, Milk & Mortality Rates, Danny Boome

December 22
- Tomato Basil Spaghetti Squash, Peppermint Stars, Breast Cancer Prevention, Former Burger King Chairman

December 15
- Pumpkin Pie Pudding, Jewish Vegetarians of North America, Perdue Chicken Farmer, Ruby Roth

December 8
- Butternut Squash & Apple Bisque, Hazelnut Roast, Plant-Based Consultants, Boy George Raw Vegan

December 1
- Coffee Cake French Toast, Plant-Powered Families, Curing Type 2 Diabetes, Griff Whalen Vegan Athlete

November 24
- Old Fashioned Stuffing, Vegan Essentials, Cruelty-Free Eating Weight Loss, Chicagoans Saving Lives

November 17
- Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Tofurky Holiday Roast, Turkey Facts, Compassionate Holidays

November 10
- Green Bean Casserole, Pearl Soymilk, National Geographic Water Conservation, Johnny Rockets

November 3
- Perfect Pumpkin Pie, The Vegetarian Site, Israel's Vegan Movement, Louisville's First Vegan Food Truck

October 27
- Curried Sweet Potato Squash Soup, 50 Vegan Cheesecake Recipes, SeaWorld's Fish Farm, Matt Lauria

October 20
- Pumpkin Cake w/Maple Frosting, Pumpkin Spice Coco-Milk, Breast Cancer Awareness, Goat Mt. Sanctuary 

October 13
- Lemon-Cilantro Pakoras, My Vegan Directory, 10 Yrs of Healthy School Food, Kolene & Jon's Story

October 6
- Pumpkin Lentil Curry, Thug Kitchen, Moby on HuffPost, Native Foods' New Location

September 29
- Baked Tofu & Quinoa, Dunkin' Donuts Almond Milk, Activists in India, Vegan Success Story

September 22
- Vegan Tootsie Rolls, Tomato Sushi, WhiteWave Acquires So Delicious, Vegan Wedding Season

September 15
- Pad Thai, The Lusty Vegan, Meat Consumption Damaging Earth, Top Chef Goes Vegan
September 8 - "Mississippi Mud" Frozen Yogurt, Candy Corn Ice Cream, Founder of "Vegan," Herbivorous Butcher

September 1
- Cauliflower Tater Tots, Mexican Cookbook, Cost of Meat Rises, Runner's World Magazine Feat. Vegan

August 25
- Chocolate Cherry Smoothie, Forks Over Knives App, Cowspiracy Creates Change, Veganism for Athletes

August 18
- Triple Decker Grilled Cheese, Vaute Couture Coat Pre-Sale, Quebec Protects Animals, Travis Barker on Veganism

August 11
- Pineapple Strawberry Pops, The Great Vegan Search Engine, Ag-Gag Bill Blocked, Millennials Going Veg

August 8
- BBQ Tofu Cutlets, It's Easy to Start Eating Vegan, Living Veg Adds 10 Years, 100 lbs Lighter After 1 Year Vegan

July 28
- Asian Noodles, White Castle Tests Veggie Sliders, Vegan Cardiology President, Masculinity = Protecting Animals

July 21
- Club Salad, Cookbook: Choosing Raw, Meat Production Harmful to Wildlife, Veg-Friendly MLB Parks

July 14
- Choc. Chip Cookie Dough Corn Muffins, Vegan Toona, India Bans Foie Gras, Vegan Camping Tips

July 7
- Spicy "Tuna" Sushi, Sriracha Cookbook, Veganism and Greenhouse Gases, Vegan Mountain Climber

June 30
- Summer Gazpacho, Cowspiracy Docu, CNN Talks Factory Farm Animal Cruelty, Miss Illinois Loves Being Vegan 

June 23
- DIY Ice Cream Drumsticks, Let's Do... Ice Cream Cones, Motionless in Berkeley, Cali School Goes Vegan

June 16
- Vegan Poutine, Teese Vegan Cheese, France to Give Animals Rights, University of Oxford Votes Vegan

June 9
- Mango Peach Tea Smoothie, Forks Over Knives, Vegan Supermarket Expands, 60 Yr. Old Man Overcomes Sickness

June 2
- Baked Shiitake "Shrimp," Vegan "Cheez-Its," Baskin Robbins Heir Opposes Dairy, Bill Clinton's Young Heart

May 26
- Easy Fried Rice, 5 Ingredient Vegan Cookbook, Amtrak Magazine Covers Veg Scene, Vegan on a Budget

May 19
- Tempeh Sloppy Joes, Petit Vour Beauty Box, 92 Year Old Runner, It's Never Too Late to Go Vegan

May 12
- Strawberry Vanilla Shortcake, So Delicious Almond Milk Desserts, New FARM Office, Cinnaholic on Shark Tank

May 5
- Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl, Vega Protein Powder, 200 New Vegan Restaurants, Mom Goes Vegan at 65

April 28
- Spicy Napa Coleslaw, Int'l Vegan Travel Made Easy, The Today Show tries Beyond Meat, Vegan Nomad
April 21 - Mini Streusel Coffee Cakes, Pigs' Intelligence, Dr. Greger's Nutrition DVDs, Young Chef Jay Astafa on Food Network

April 14
- Vegan Cadbury Egg Bowls, EggNots, The Vegetarian Site, An "Easter Bunny" Rescue

April 7
- BBQ Soy Curls Mini Tacos, Butler Soy Curls, How to Be Vegan, Our Hen House TV Show

March 31
- Hemp Blueberry Smoothie, Big Slice Apple Snacks, Vegan Finds at Expo West, Vegan America by 2050

March 24
- Fava, Butternut, Couscous Bowl, Bee Free Honee, Thrive Energy Cookbook, Overcoming Cancer

March 17
- Chocolate Chunk Scones, Beef-Free Crumbles, Vegan Vacation at Sea, Leilani Farm Sanctuary

March 10
- Kale & Artichoke Dip, "Is It Vegan?" iPhone App, Barnivore, Being Vegan in The Military
March 3 - Kung Pao Cauliflower, Vegetarian Plus' Frozen Meals, Mayim's Vegan Table, Why "I live vegan..."

February 24
- Strawberry Chia Seed Pudding, Nutiva Chia Seed, 30th Annual Meatout, Another Vegan Olympian Wins

February 17
- Caramelized Onion & Mushroom Sliders, Just Mayo, 9 Million Pounds of Meat Recalled, Vegan Olympian Wins

February 10
- Double Chocolate Truffles, Allison's Gourmet Gift Set, Vegan Weddings, Vegan Power Couples
February 3 - Chocolate French Toast, Cacao Nibs, Vegan Planet Cookbook, World's Happiest Cow
January 27 - TLT Sandwiches, Tofurky's Marinated Tempeh, Health Benefits of Tempeh, Early Activism 

January 20
- Artichoke & Lentil Salad, Flavorful Hemp Seeds, Veganism on The Rise, Vegan Athletes Take Over Pinterest
January 13 - Caramelized Cabbage & Onion Soup, Hail Merry Macaroons, How to Live to 100, Esther the Wonder Pig
January 6 - Dreamsicle Smoothie, PlantFusion Supplements, New Community, Vegan Power Couple Breaks World Record

December 30 - Roasted Eggplant Chili, Amy's Kitchen Vegan Meals, Norway's Army Goes Meatless, New Year Fresh Start

December 23 - Pomegranate Pine Nut Couscous, Beyond Meat, Vegan Food Industry Booming, Freed Cows Jump for Joy

December 16 - Snowball Cookies, Silk Dairy-Free Milks, VegNews Holiday Cookie eBook, Compassionate Gift Giving

December 9 - Egg-free Nog, So Delicious Holiday Beverages, Children's Book: Dave Loves Chickens, Al Gore Goes Vegan

December 2 - BBQ Tempeh Sandwich, Match Meats, Vegan For The Holidays cookbook, Veganize Holiday Favorites

November 25 - Loving Pumpkin Pie, Tofurky Holiday Roast, Community Support, Thank-You From The Turkeys

November 18 - Wild Mushroom Potato Pie, Dandies Marshmallows, Better Health, Vegan Recipes Galore

November 11 - Green Bean Casserole, Hazelnut Cranberry Roast, Thanksgiving Online, Holiday Inspiration

November 4 - Old Fashioned Stuffing, Gardein, Compassionate Holidays, Getting to Know Farmed Animals

October 28 - Pumpkin Pie Peanut Butter Cups, Sweet & Sara Marshmallows, Compassionate Candy, The Vegan Zombie

October 21 - Pumpkin Coconut Curry Soup, Compassionate Treats, Health Benefits of Pumpkin, Isa Does It

October 14 - Moroccan Butternut Couscous, Sophie's Kitchen Seafood, Halloween Recipes, Healthy Food in the Inner City

October 7 - Pancake Puffs, Field Roast Artisan Sausages, Fruits and Veggies Make You Happy, Superhuman Fitness

September 30 - Crazy-Easy Tortilla Pizza, Tofurky Pepperoni, Adults to Eat Healthier, Change of Heart - Happy & Free

September 23 - Triple Stack Tofu Sandwich, Beanfields Nacho Chips, Plant-Based Research, Vegan MoFo

September 16 - Potato Breakfast Burrito, Raw Revolution Bars, Changing Our Taste Buds, Vegan Powerlifter World Record

September 9 - Corn Chowder, Mori-Nu Pudding Mates, More People Eating Meat-Free, World Day for Farmed Animals

September 2 -   Avocado Mango Sushi, TCBY's Vegan Frozen Yogurt, Live Vegan on Campus, Plant Fit

August 26 -   Egg-Free Salad Sandwich, Vegenaise Gourmet Spreads, ABC's of Being Kind, Finding Your Compassion Compass

August 19 -   Easy Homemade Granola, PROBAR Core, 22 Ways to Get Your Snack On, Vegan Hiker Smashes Record

August 12 -  Lentil Burger with Habenero Mayo, Pearl Soy Milk,, Vegans Dominate Competition

August 5 -  Plum Salad, SoDelicious Cultured Milks, Help Animals: Shop The Vegetarian Site, Youth Empowered Action

July 29 - Ginger Garlic Sweetcorn, Primal Strips, Amazing Health Facts Video, 9-Year-Old Chef Wows White House

July 22 - Shiitake Mushroom Asada Tacos, Gardein Veggie Meats, Book: Viva Vegan, Grassroots Pay-Per-View

July 15 - White Bean & Swiss Chard Grilled Sammie, Krema Peanut Butter, Healthy Beans, 4-Year-Old Vegan Chef

July 8 - Grilled Portobello Sandwich, Mary's Gone Crackers, Health Benefits of Mushrooms, Prescription: Vegan

July 1 - Seasonal Berry Cobbler, Tofurky Artisan Sausages, Backyard BBQ Tips, Wisdom of a Child

June 24 - BBQ Cauliflower Salad, VitaCoco Beverages, Health Benefits of Cauliflower, 2013 Animal Rights Conference

June 17 - Grilled Fruit Kabobs, Way Better Snacks, Book: Grills Gone Vegan, The Cinnamon Snail Food Truck

June 10 - Roasted Chickpea Wraps, Treeline Treenut Cheese, Book: On Being Vegan, Johnny Vegan Seed

June 3 - Strawberry Spinach Salad, LARABAR ALT, Health Benefits of Strawberries, T.O.F.U. Magazine

May 27 - BBQ Lentil Veggie Burger, Sunshine Burgers, Kaiser Permanente: Eat Plant-Based, Vegan Kids' Meal Ideas

May 20 - Refreshing Quinoa Salad, BumbleBar, Tip: Vegan Store Within a Store, Live Long -- Live Vegan

May 13 - P.B. Chocolate Chip Cookies, Liz Lovely Cookies, Meat on the Decline, Endurance Athlete Fiona Oakes

May 6 - Banana Cinnamon French Toast, Sweet Earth Burritos, Vegan Abundance, Meat-Free School Cafeteria

April 29 - Curried "No Chicken" Salad, Phoney Baloney's Coconut Bacon, Health Foods Every Day, Dr. Michael Klaper

April 22 - Garlic Parmesan "Wings", Turtle Island Tempeh, Book: Comfortably Unaware, Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale

April 15 - Easy Corn Dog Muffins, Field Roast Frankfurters,, Get Ready for Earth Day!

April 8 - Vegetable Jalfrezi, Nate's Meatless Meatballs, Healthiest Sources of Iron, Father Mann & Peaceable Kingdom

April 1 - Breakfast Tofu Scramble, Almond Breeze Dairy-Free Milk, Better Skin, Outreach Volunteers Rock!

March 25 -  Rocket Pesto Pizza, Daiya Frozen Pizzas, How to Prevent Top 15 Causes of Death, Future of Food

March 18 - Tempeh Reuben Sandwich, So Delicious Ice Cream, Veganism on the Rise, Share a Laugh

March 11 - Macadamia Encrusted Gardein "Chick'n", Gardein, Drop Meat - Save the Planet, Take the Meatout Pledge!

March 4 - Avocado Mango Black Bean Salad, WholeSoy & Co. Yogurt,, It's Time for Meatout!

February 25 - Roasted Veggie Pizza & Cashew Cheese, Tofurky Pizza, Book: Betty Goes Vegan, Julieanna Hever

February 18 - Early Spring Rolls, Beyond Meat Chicken-Free Strips, Beating Fibromyalgia, Politicians Choose Vegan

February 11 - Raw Berry Cheesecake, EatPastry Cookie Dough, Dark Chocolate Is Healthier, Food For Love

February 4 - Spicy Bean Daal, ecoVegan Blissful Bits, Great Foods for Good Health, Mimi Kirk: Feeling Great at 74!

January 28 - Garlic Pepper Tofu & Broccoli, PROBAR Meal Bar, VeganCuts Discount Club, Vegan Photos on Pinterest

January 21 - "Meatball" Subs, Earth Balance Snacks, Chicago Mayor says, "Choose Vegan," TV: How To Live To 100

January 14 - Sloppy Joe Lentil Sliders, Clif Builder's Bars, Vegan Foods Surge in 2013, Brendan Brazier

January 7 - Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo, GoodBelly Juice Drink, Health FAQ at, By Any Greens Necessary


December 31 - Bitter-Salty-Sour-Sweet Salad, Sprout House, Healthy Kids, Robert Cheeke -

December 24 - Cranberry Smoothie, Match Holiday Roast, VegNews Holiday Cookie eBook, NBA Champ John Salley

December 17 - Festive Phyllo, So Delicious Holiday Beverages, Fight Cancer Better, Goat Mountain Ranch Sanctuary

December 10 - Holiday Bonbons, Vegan Delish IPhone App, Compassionate Gift Giving, Double Your FARM Donation

December 3 - Spicy Chickpea Salad, New Cook Book for Kids, Iron Absorption, Planting Seeds With Vegan Outreach

November 26 - Creamy Potato Soup, Edward & Sons Chreese, Break the Dairy Habit, L.A. Adopts Meatless Mondays

November 19 - Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Gardein Roasts,, Turkeys & Gratitude

November 12 - Green Bean Bake, Holiday Field Roast, Thanksgiving, 30-Day Vegan Challenge

November 5 - Vegetable Lasagna Cupcakes, SoyBoy Ravioli, Tomatoes Reduce Stroke Risk, Gentle Thanksgiving

October 29 - Corn Dog Mummies, Sweet & Sara Marshmallows, Compassionate Trick-Or-Treats, The Vegan Zombie

October 22 - Fluffy Pumpkin Pancakes, Beanitos Bean Chips, Animal-Friendly Candy, Vegan Month of Food (MoFo)

October 15 - Stuffed Acorn Squash, Mary's Gone Crackers, Salmonella Comes From Animal Ag, James Cameron

October 8 - Mayan Harvest Chili, Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream, Bill Gates: Vegan Future, Mr. America at 77

October 1- S'more Cookies, Dandies Marshmallows, Scientists: Animal Consciousness, Eat Chocolate - Save Animals!

September 24 - Vegan Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup, Vegan Shreds, Fight Cancer, Mayor Declares Vegan Weekend

September 17 - Heirloom Tomato Tart, Alternative Baking Company Cookies, Dairy on Decline, Vegan Treats Bakery

September 10 - Prized Sweet Potato Burgers, Pirate Brands Booty & Tings, Meat Makes You Fat, Refill Your Heart

September 3 - Grilled Jerk Tofu Steaks, Lotus Foods Rice, Vegetarian World by 2050?, Share Video & Win Prizes!

August 27 - Bok Choy Tempeh Tacos, Turtle Island Foods Tempeh, Shop The Vegetarian Site, Alley Cat Allies

August 20 - Aparagus Lemon Pasta, Parma Vegan Parmesan, Meat Prices Skyrocket Due to Drought, Philip Wollen

August 13 - Healthy & Simple Sushi, Very Vegelicious, Fish Oil No Help to Heart or Brain, Compassionate Restaurants

August 6 - Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream, Soyatoo! Rice Whip, Drop Meat to Save the World, Meat-Free Olympian

July 30 - Spicy Summer Rolls, Upton's Naturals, Doctors: Plant-Based Foods Are Good for Us, Vegan Football Champ

July 23 - Fresh Corn & Avocado Salad, Primal Strips, Washington DC Nom-Nom!, Pig Farmer Chooses Compassion

July 16 - Sizzling Skewers, Gardein Garden Protein, Vegan Meetup Communities, Mercy For Animals

July 9 - Soothing Summer Sorbets, VitaCoco, Health Benefits of Fruits, Animal Rights 2012 Conference

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June 25 - Pistachio Broccolini Pasta, LARABAR, Antioxidant Power of Pistachios, In Defense of Animals

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May 21 - Polenta with Lemony Asparagus & Chickpeas, Primal Strips, Cost of Healthy Eating?, AR2012

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April 30 - Smoky Quinoa Chili, Asherah's Powerhouse Burgers, Fast Food & Depression, Vegan Heartland

April 23 - Black Bean Tacos, Food Revolution Summit, Diet & the Environment, Vegan Earth Day

April 16 - Raspberry Truffle Brownies, My Sweet Vegan (book), Berries Beat Parkinson's, Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale

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April 2 - Forbidden Rice & Greens, Charitabalms, Anti-Cancer Citrus Prevents Strokes, Maintaining Youth & Vitality

March 26 - Chickpea Artichoke Salad, Edward & Sons, High Fiber Prevents Polyps, Meatout Success & Billboards

March 19 - Mushroom Meat, Field Roast Sausages, Meat & Premature Death, Share the Veggie Love for Meatout

March 12 - St. Patrick's Stuffed Cabbage, Lightlife Tempeh, Anti-Cancer Cruciferous Veggies, Vegan Living Program

March 5 - Creamy Cashew Curry, Gardein Protein, Potassium-Rich Potates, Vegan Fuel for Dancing

February 27 - Shiitake-Miso Soup, Dr. Greger's Clinical Nutrition DVD, Benefits of Miso, Join Meatout - March 20th

February 20 - Cajun Rice & Beans, Tofurky Italian Sausage, Diet & Diabetes: Another Link, Soul Vegetarian

February 13 - Chocolate Ganache Tart, Liz Lovely, Does Chocolate Have Benefits?, Vegan Wedding

February 6 - Vegan Dad's Egg-free Salad, Vegenaise, Soy Benefits, James Cromwell

January 30 - 7-Layer Party Dip, WayFare Spreads, Enjoy Your Carrots & Celery, Vegan Football Star

January 23 - Quinoa Salad, Daiya Vegan Cheese, Meat & Diabetes, Ellen Jaffe Jones

January 16 - Champion of Chili, Sol Cuisine, Processed Meat & Cancer, Sara Gilbert

January 9 - White Bean & Kale Stew,Gimme Lean, Fast Food & Obesity, Dennis Kucinich

January 2 - Dextox Soup,Amy's Kitchen - Vegan Soup, Veganism in the Mainstream, VegNews Visionary


December 26 - Chocolate Pots de Creme,Soyatoo! Soy Whip, Diet & Diabetes, Talent for Animals (Derek Goodwin)

December 19 - Cranberry Corn-ucopia,Mint Chocolate So Delicious, Soy Helps Men with Cancer, Gift of Health

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November 21 - Seasonal Stuffing,So Delicious Coconut Nog, Healthy Holiday Eating, Gobbles the Turkey

November 14 - Holiday Pot Pies,Alternatives to Turkey, Recent Turkey Recall, Plan a Gentle Thanksgiving

November 7 - Cashew Cream Cheese,Galaxy Cream "Cheese", Hazards of Eating Fish, Veteran, Vegan & Vocal

October 31 - Spooky Black Bean Hummus,Clif Kids, Dairy Is Scary, Vegan Ghost Story

October 24 - Autumn Baked Pears, Vegan for Life (book), Secret Ingredient in Fruit, Cruelty-free Halloween Candy

October 17 - Carrot Cake Oatmeal, ProBar, Meat & Climate Change, One World Day

October 10 - Butternut Squash Bisque, Pangea, Calcium & Prostate Cancer, John Salley says "Go Vegan!"

October 3 - Chocolate Merlot Mousse, Mori-Nu Tofu, Soy Prevents Heart Disease, World Farm Animals Day - Oct 2nd

September 26 - African Sweet Potato Stew, 30-Day Vegan Challenge (book), Arsenic in Chicken, Vegan Campus Dining

September 19 - Veggie Tempeh Gumbo, Tofurky Tempeh, Plants Cut Breast Cancer, Baking with Love

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August 29 - Tempeh Stir-Fry, Tofu Pups, Meat Hot Dogs & Diabetes, World Farm Animals Day

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August 8 - Spinach-Orange Salad, The Vegetarian Site, Eat Your Veggies, Fashion with Compassion

August 1 - Hungarian Eggplant, Kiss My Face, The Power of Orange, AR2011 in Los Angeles

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June 20 - Citrus Tofu & Pineapple, Mori-Nu Tofu, Dad's Influence on Diet, Get Inspired at AR2011

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March 28 - Better-Than-Beef Bourguinon, Tofu Town Tofu, Cholesterol & Cancer, Lundis Sans Viande

March 21 - Avocado Pesto Pasta, Chow Down (DVD), Meat, Dairy & Cancer, Meatout Success

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March 7 - Sweet Potato Apricot Salad, Field Roast Deli Slices, Benefits of Pistachios, Meatout

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February 21 - Sensational Janes, JudyFood Dips, Fiber for Longevity, Oprah's Vegan Week

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January 24 - Blueberry-Oat Bars, So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt, Blueberries & Blood Pressure, Kiss Me, I'm Vegan

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January 3 - Tasty Thai Appetizers, Vegans Know How to Party (book), Plant Protein Helps Kidneys, Support Us


December 27 - Isa Chandra's Holly Nog, Bountiful Vegan, Almonds Reduce Diabetes Risk, New Year's Resolution

December 20 - Sweet Potato Latkes, Calico Dragon Bags, Diet & Dementia, Dynamic Duo

December 13 - Green Bean Casserole, Rice Nog, Beans Beat Breast Cancer, Your Time Travels

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November 15 - Holiday Nut Roast, Turkey Alternatives, Diet & Disease, Elizabeth's Gone Raw

November 8 - Pumpkin Spice Cashew Dip, We Can't Say Its Cheese, Cashews Can Help Diabetes, Whitney Hillman

November 1
Wicked Good Peanut Butter Cups, Go Max Candy Bars, Dairy Is Scary, Jacklyn Talabamiz

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September 13 - Blueberry Walnut Rice Salad, Goddess Dressing, Berries for Brain Health, World Farm Animals Day

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August 23 - Oprah's Scrambled Tofu, Ener-G Egg Replacer, Egg Recall, Vegan Chef

August 16 - Avocado Kale Delight, Dr. Greger's Clinical Nutrition, Early Influence on Nutrition, Jewel of a Cause

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July 19 - Sun-Dried Tomato Spread, Pearl Soymilk (Kikkoman), Lycopene Cuts Cancer Risk, AR2010

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June 28 - Citrus Summer Salad , Tofurky Pizza, Veg Diet Linked to Better Mood, AR2010

June 21 - Cajun Chickpea Cakes, Kiss My Face, Meat Messes with Hormones, Vegan Father: George Eisman

June 14 - Eggplant Lasagna, 1,000 Vegan Recipes, Animal Agriculture & Global Waming, Vegan Earth Day Celebration

June 7 - Teriyaki Fried Rice, Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe, Brown Rice Beats Heart Disease, Ruben Studdard Went Vegan

May 31 - BBQ Baked Lentils, Field Roast Vegan Sausages, Grilled Meat & Cancer, Veganizing Betty Crocker

May 24 - Pistachio & Toasted Almond Pilaf, Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days, Getting Kids to Eat More Veggies, Athlete of the Week - Scott Jurek

May 17 - Pumpkin Cranberry Walnut Streusel Cake, Tofutti, Soy Cuts Stomach Cancer Risk, The Happy Vegan Couple

May 10 - Brussels Sprouts for Mom, Liz Lovely Cookies, Reasons to Avoid Dairy, Mother's Day Cow Ribbon

May 3 - Curried Quiche with Greens, VegNews Magazine, School Lunches & Obesity, AR2010

April 26 - Almond Milk, So Delicious Coconut Milk Beverage, Dairy & Global Warming, College Veg Pledge

April 19 - Eco-Friendly Lettuce Wraps, E/The Environmental Magazine, Vegan for The Planet, Healthy School Lunches

April 12 - Flax Morning Smoothie, Vega Smoothie Infusion, Cholesterol-Fighting Flax, Vegan Earth Day

April 5 - Walnut Mushroom Paté, Idiot's Guide to Vegan Eating for Kids, Selenium Reduces Diabetes Risk, Meatout

March 29 - Watercress Spring Salad, Gardein Protein, Watercress for Wellness, Vegan Inspired Comedy

March 22 - Bob Barker's Meatout Enchiladas, Tofurky Deli Slices, Leafy Greens Cut Cancer Risk, Meatout Momentum

March 15 - St. Paddy's Day Zucchini Muffins, The World Peace Diet (book), Fat Intake & Stroke Risk, Vegan Bake Sale

March 8 - Sweet Potato & Bean Enchiladas, Primal Spirit Foods, Garlic & Cancer Prevention, International Meatout

March 1 - Stewed Greek Cauliflower, Parma! (Eat in the Raw), Curbing Rheumatoid Arthritis, Heart Smart Doctors

February 22 - Roasted Veggie Soup, Edward & Sons, U.S. Teens & High Cholesterol, Get Motivated for Meatout

February 15 - Chocolate Love Cake, Valetine's Day E-Card, Greens Good for Your Heart, Vegan Love Story

February 8 - Garlic & Herb Cauliflower Bites, Leonaria Gifts, Diabetes & Animal Fat, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

February 1 - Finger Lickin' Tofu Nuggets, Vegan in 30 Days, Detriments of Animal Farming, Mimi Kirk

January 25 - Creamy Potato Leek Soup, SoyBoy Smoked Tofu, Eat Your Allium Veggies, Compassionate Youth

January 18 - Chana Masala with Spinach, Amy's Kitchen, Greens Ward Off Gallstones, 21-Day Vegan Kickstart

January 11 - Ultimate Veggie Chili, Boca Ground Crumbles, Fast Food & Diabetes, Cowboy Embraces Veganism

January 4 - Quinoa Salad, WholeFood Farmacy, We Are What We Eat, Top 10 Reasons To Go Vegan in 2010